Source Protection Plans

CTC Approved Source Protection Plan

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CTC Approved Explanatory Document

 What is a Source Protection Plan?

The Source Protection Plan contains a series of policies that, when implemented, will protect our drinking water sources from current and future threats. The Plan comes into effect on December 31, 2015 and applies immediately to all new threat activities. The Plan includes timelines for when existing threat activities need to be in compliance with specific policies. These threats have been identified through technical and scientific work in the Assessment Reports. The Source Protection Plan must have policies that address “significant drinking water threats” and may contain policies which address “low” and “moderate” drinking water threats. (The CTC Plan does contain low and moderate threat policies.)

Under the Clean Water Act, 2006, each Source Protection Area must produce a Source Protection Plan. In the CTC Source Protection Region, one Plan was developed and applies to each of the three Source Protection Areas (Credit Valley, Toronto and Region and Central Lake Ontario) in the Region.

The Plan lays out how the risk level of identified threats is to be reduced and how future threats will be avoided. The Source Protection Committee has a number of tools at its disposal to write these plans, including:

  1. prescribed instruments (other provincial approvals such as environmental compliance approvals (formally called certificates of approval) or nutrient management plans);
  2. requiring risk management plans (negotiated with property owners) or prohibiting activities. These are new tools provided under the Clean Water Act;
  3. land use planning (e.g. through official plans or zoning by-laws);
  4. education and outreach;
  5. specify actions are taken such as monitoring or research; or
  6. combination of the above tools

CTC Approved Source Protection Plan

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The CTC Approved Source Protection Plan can be downloaded by Chapter: (To go directly to the policies click here)

The maps below are numbered using the following coding:

Maps labeled as 1.x are Significant Groundwater Quality Threat Areas (excluding DNAPLS)
Maps labeled as 2.x are Significant DNAPL Threat Areas
Maps labeled as 3.x are Significant Groundwater Quantity Threat Areas
Map labeled as 4.x are Surface Water Quality Threats in Lake Ontario